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How to upgrade the latest e-commerce packaging?
Time:2022-01-19 Click:703次
 Designed, many cosmetics cannot meet the needs of express delivery in express delivery.  

So you know how cosmetics packages to meet the needs of online shopping express delivery? The cosmetics are extremely easy to damage in transportation, so they must be packed before delivery, ensuring that the goods will not be shaken during transportation, then we must ensure that cosmetics will not shake during transportation, we have to do it before the goods The packaging and buffering of the box ensures that the goods are firm during transportation and will not shake, in order to pack the goods do not damage during transportation.

So how do we need to buffer packaging? Common buffer materials include plastic foam, pearl cotton, bubble film, inflatable bag, on-site foam, etc., and buffer packaging is to choose from the type and characteristics of the product; which is the most cosmetics buffer package What about material? In fact, these are not the best materials for cosmetics express transport buffering packaging, the best choice for cosmetics transport buffering packaging materials, but the buffer packaging materials are not only anti-touch, the shock absorption is good; the protection performance is strong; packaging cost Low; and inflatable, easy, only one inflator can be completed, Ding Li is the best choice for cosmetics buffering packaging.

Ding Li's buffer packaging material is manufactured by PE material, can withstand 120kg forces, which can effectively prevent the impact of goods due to vibration, collision, abandonment, effectively prevent damage in transportation in transportation, Ding Li buffer packaging Materials can effectively protect the safety of cosmetics in transportation, and Ding Li's buffer packaging material is the best choice for cosmetic packaging.