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What packaging is used for express fruit?
Time:2022-01-19 Click:785次
 Nowadays, people's life rhythm is getting faster, many products are purchased online. Fruits and vegetables can now be purchased online. How can business can guarantee the freshness of the product and not damaged? What kind of packaging is needed?  

There are many external packaging industries that have been adopted by my country, mainly divided into the following five types:

1, basket

2, wooden box

3, cardboard box

4, plastic box

5, foam box

However, these five packages are only suitable for large logistics transportation. If it is not suitable in the current express delivery industry, in our e-commerce, fruit express packaging is not only practical, but also pays attention to the design of the design, the carton is An important packaging, but for fruit express, carton does not completely reach a good protection effect on fruits.

In order to ensure the safety of the product and maintain the appearance of the appearance, many e-commerce companies have favored the buffer gas cushion packaging. Let's take a look at the effect of packaging.