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PE tote bag

PE tote bag

Product Name: PE Tote Bag

Specifications: (length can be customized)

Thickness: 8 wire (can be customized)

Style: Tote bag, improve product grade, you can reuse environmental practical use.

Print: Customizable logo and patterns (customized according to customer needs)

Description: Delivery boutique gift accessories and other items storage classification, product packaging.

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Our factory specializes in customizing large PE bags, PE portable plastic bags, mainly based on production, customized various specifications of the tote bag according to customer needs.

The main application field of PE handbags:

1, dust-free product packaging

2, electronic industry parts packaging, direct contact with internal packaging

3, semiconductor, optical instrument packaging, dust-free indoor product packaging

4, hard drive, hardware product packaging, components packaging

5, product packaging, no special requirements for product packaging, etc.

Our PE tote the unique advantage:

1, autonomous production, price advantage. All of the company products are produced independently, and have a good cost control system that can do the lowest price.

2, integrate the intersection, consider you. For customers different orders, cooperate with different products, can be produced according to customer orders, from hundreds of thousands, large to millions, specifications small to one cent, large to five or six meters, and even modified machine production Special specification for you.

3, fast response, time limit advantages. Order in the morning, the fastest afternoon delivery can solve the urgent need for customers.

4, each colleague is adhering to "honesty, professional service, guests to think, mutual benefit and win\\

Welcome to order PE bags, PE self-suction bags, Shenzhen Dingsheng Technology all employees look forward to your call.

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