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IPhone6S gas column packaging IPhone6S gas column packaging IPhone6S gas column packaging

IPhone6S gas column packaging

Name: iPhone6S air pillar bag

Weight: 15g

Thickness: routine

Material: PE PA (PA20%)

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The buffer gas column packing itself is a transparent environmentally friendly plastic production. Therefore, the appearance of the bag is transparent, it looks not only simple, and is generous, compared to, the same type of buffer packaging, it can quickly improve the brand value of the commodity.

The status of the gas-column bag packaging product is getting higher and higher. The main reason is the function of the gas column bag. Because the gas column pack is filled with air, the body is light, the elasticity, the performance of sound insulation, shockproof, anti-wear, it waterproof, Moisture, compressive.

Long storage and transportation airtight shock protection , buffer gas column comprehensive coated the failure rate to a minimum. And comparing the conventional filler the void will not package large tank and during transport items are often displaced damage even if the pressing force encountered , AIR-BAG personal design can use to disperse the air cushion pressure in order to avoid damage.

 Gas column packaging is widely used in electrical appliances, instrumentation instruments, glass ceramics, art, hardware machinery, furniture furniture and other earthquake buffer packaging.