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Milk powder packaging application

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Milk powder gas column bag

Product parameters:

Product Name: 11 column milk

After the gas is filled: the diameter is 14x high 21cm.

Applicable to the 14cm diameter,

Products below 21cm

Large: 11 column

Weight: about 30 g / piece

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First, the product has the following features

(1), product characteristics;

1. Co-extruded film consists of seven food grade materials, environmentally friendly, 100% regeneration

2. Adopt foreign advanced technology, reverse the leak, and use air as a protection barrier

3. Airbags arrangement close-fitting, buffering performance is better than EPE / EPS

4. Outstanding protective function such as earthquake resistance, anti-falling, anti-wear, anti-extrusion

5. Poor support, single gas packaging bag can withstand 60 ~ 120kg weight

6. Excellent product image, improve product grade

7. Simple packaging operation

(2) Main advantages of gas packaging bags:

Volume: It is completely flat before it is not inflated, and there is very few places.

Warehousing: No space.

Wet resistance: moisture-proof, waterproof.

Buffer property: The product is completely covered, and the buffer is excellent.

Ring: Small size, material PA environmental protection materials, 100% regeneration, packaging products exports to every country in every country.

Image: beautiful appearance, improve product grade and company image.

User use: Packaging is simple, delivery is fast, flexible, convenient in stock management.

Film: Fasting, low cost.

Clean: dust, non-toxic

Second, performance comparison

Third, the application of packaging

1, bag type packaging. Tailor to the product, like a bunch of underwear, fully covered, absolutely separated from the outside, maintain quality, moisture-proof, earthquake

2, gas column packaging. You can pick up the inner bag method, for small objects such as red wine, electronic products, etc., as filled, placed in the gas column and then inflatable, forming a bullet row package. The gas column bag is excellent, and a single gas packing bag can withstand 100 kg of pressure without cracked. Use air column buffer to effectively reduce vibration, absorption and release of external force to the product in handling, loading and unloading, transportation. Guaranteed that the item is not damaged!

3, packaging volume. It can be used according to the type, size, characteristics of the item, cut, self-cut, self-inflatable, and placed in the box.

Fourth, how to use

There is a 18mm inflatable crosshead below 5 mm below the arrow sign, and the pump is inserted into the airway. Please use the clip to pinch with the clip before inflatable. Out, gas is not too much, after charging, put your product with a gas column gasket for a week, you can protect your products well, and better in the two circles.


  • 深圳市鼎力盛科技有限公司

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