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Car parts buffer air cushion protection packaging
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 In the high-speed development, the domestic automotive industry has become more and more high-speed, and the auto parts logistics products are mainly supplied to the entire vehicle factory for the products produced by auto parts manufacturers. The buffer gas cushion pack is not damaged in the logistics transportation, and the components are delivered to the client.  
 There are many types of protective packaging materials for automotive parts, mainly based on different products, design different buffer air cushion packaging, and ultimate goals are to prevent collisions and friction between products, and efficiently buffer shockproof. (The buffer gas cushion can be perfectly protected by the product itself.  
 The main buffer gas cushion packaging material has foaming equipment, bubble film, foam, pearl cotton, Baolong, flannel, etc. Pearl cotton, Baolong these buffer materials thrown their buffer gas cushion protection does not say that these buffer gas pad packaging materials need to occupy a large warehouse space, bringing great storage pressure to the company.  

The best choice is to use buffer gas pad packaging components:

1. The buffer air cushion device can release the storage space for the company, covering an area of less than 2 square meters, can be installed directly on the packaging production line, saving the enterprise storage space.

2, use foam packaging, fast and convenient, foam for more than ten seconds to expand into fit packs, short packaging time.

3, not subject to product shape specifications, can achieve 360 degrees to protect products.
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