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Jam buffer gas column packaging Jam buffer gas column packaging Jam buffer gas column packaging

Jam buffer gas column packaging

Product Name: Jam buffer air packaging can be loaded 9cm x diameter 8cm

Material: PE / PA 7 layer coextruded film (15% ~ 20%)

Net weight: about 15 grams /

Thickness: 6 wire

Suitable: about 9cm diameter of the inner height 8cm (circular)

(The specifically is mainly the size of the inflated size)

Suitable for 620 grams of canned and bottled, jam, bees, cosmetics, 6c, jam, jam, cosmetics.

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All inflatable products in this store have not been inflated, you need yourself after shopping, you need yourself to buy inflatable equipment, this store has a gas tube for sale, charge gas does not need to be sealed, you can use it. 100% all-round protection, close-fitting design, every independent chamber protects your baby.

The company uses high-quality PE PAs and other 9 co-extruded membranes, rugged, highly high and highly protected.

Buffer inflatable packaging uses physical principles, using natural air, once inflatable, full, automatic locking, forming diving cabins, providing long-term storage and transportation without leakage resistance, gas column comprehensive coating buffer protection, will The damage rate is minimized.

 Notebook, red wine, liquor, jade, lamp, ceramic, crystal, mobile phone, digital products, electronic products, etc. Packaging.