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Glass product application

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Cosmetic buffer gas column packaging bag

[Material]: PE / PA

[Size]: 4 column 8cm

【Custom processing: Yes

[Scope]: perfume cosmetics

[Brand]: Dingsheng.Tripod

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 Dingli Shengbu gas column packaging lets you ship the packaging revolutionary upgrade, so you can get more peace of mind during Taobao! Dingli Shengbu gas column packaging allows shop sellers to provide customers with better service, stay away from the situation that the product is broken, can make customers received the goods, no reason, no way to pick Online shop seller.

The gas column bag is the most environmentally-reliable anti-earthquake pressure reduction product on the market. The gas column bag produced by the company is made of 7-storey co-extruded film, non-toxic and tasteless, and the material is widely used. Food outside the ham, cold meat and other food packaging. The buy air column bag is to buy safety and rest assured, the current express fell is not a news, don't fall, things are not crazy sorting is news. May our products guarantee that the milk powder of your mothers is safe, let the babies eat milk powder that do not have a burst-contaminated milk powder, and our products will not allow you to sigh against broken wine bottles. I hope that we can escort your business, save the painful experience of expressing and express delivery.

Why do you need a gas column bag? Please see the picture:

Although online shopping is hot, the logistics is always can't keep up. Even if the product has passed the logistics express delivery process, there is a certain damage or damage, resulting in return, complaints, and has a certain impact on the credibility of the merchant. .

With the development of the economy, especially e-commerce is getting more and more developed. The role of shockproof packaging is also increasingly important. Use the buffer chargeless column pack not only has superior earthquake protection, but also play a good reduction in cost in the warehousing and transportation. From another angle, it can be considered, buffering Inflatable column packaging is an important packaging material to reduce costs, not only can then pack the transportation, packaging and warehousing, etc., bringing a leaping low cost expenditure, especially in the first-tier city.

The buffering charge column is more transparent. It is used to pack the item, which can both protect the product. It can help smoothly understand the products contained in the packaging, you can two, at the same time, the inflatable column package material is environmentally friendly, it is now a lot The mainstream of environmentally friendly packaging that imports and export enterprises and enterprises transition.


The gas-column bag is produced with high-quality PE PA composite coextruded membranes, which is rugged, highly high, and can lock the air for more than 6 months or more, and more guaranteed to product protection performance, at the same time The raw materials used in the gas column bag are certified environmentally-friendly original membranes, which do not contain any heavy metals, combustion non-toxic, and meet import and export standards.

Ding Li Sheng specializes in product safety protection, the new buffer material produced produces products, it is best to make product safety, which use air to protect, so that the pressure, vibration, collision of the outside world is all isolated outside the buffer package. Let the product transport all the way to arrive.

Buffer column bags we provide three design programs based on the needs of market products:

First, bag type design, printable color, trademark. Suitable for small items buffer packaging, such as mobile phones, notebooks, cameras such as mobile phone, notebooks, cameras such as mobile phones.

Second, the two-headed design, this air column bag is simple, and it is possible to improve product packaging efficiency, suitable for compared large product buffering, such as LCD TV, refrigerator, water dispenser and other products.

Third, the cloth design is suitable for use in the carton inside the carton to fill or replace other fillers. This method can function as a fixed product in the carton, filled the coil in the gap, so that the goods are still constant, which effectively improves the product's transport safety factor. Suitable for product buffering safety in all fields.

1, low cost, saving transportation costs and warehousing costs;

2, can be recycled, material environment can be recycled and reuse;

3, easy to operate, increased packaging efficiency, save labor costs;

4, high efficiency protection, single gas column can withstand 120kg of weight or more than any damage;

5. The product application is wide and can be targeted.


1 International express delivery.

2. For the safety of transportation, we have independently developed a valve, which can achieve almost zero one hundred days, six month leakage rates do not exceed 5%.

3, in order to seal, the product quality is better, the production machine we adopted is imported original production equipment, high precision, stable product. From the raw material into the factory - production control - finished product output, each link can strictly control the relationship, the finished product is natural.


Big brand raw materials, autonomous air valves, super strong closed technology, super high care, everything is safe for your baby

12 years of direct supply, give you a step in place

  • 深圳市鼎力盛科技有限公司

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