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Public test: Ma Chi Bao synthetic oil out of the box

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Oil, also known as the car's "blood", for people who have car owners, it will have a certain number of understanding. Especially with the increasing popularity of the car, the choice of vehicles become more and more rich, more and more diversified circumstances, we also have a higher degree of attention to the oil.

How consumers buy oil

The principle of buying oil is "no best, only the most suitable oil", the first is to recommend you use the vehicle manufacturers recommended specifications, we must choose the appropriate choice of oil specifications, and check whether the corresponding certification, such as SL , SM and SN and other environmental levels and a variety of performance levels. In short, it is recommended that you recommend the model according to manufacturers, and then select the corresponding viscosity and grade, but also according to their own economic strength.

If you are more concerned about the price, and more mileage, changing the oil more frequently, the use of mineral oil and some synthetic oil is also OK, but if you open very little, only a year for oil, it is recommended to use a little better Synthetic oil. As for the viscosity level, such as some European and Japanese manufacturers, in recent years out of environmental protection and fuel economy considerations, will recommend the use of such a low viscosity 5W-20 oil, as long as the manufacturers can be recommended. Of course, if the manufacturers do not have special provisions, we can refer to the vehicle environment to select the oil, under normal circumstances, the market is more common 0W-40, 5W-30 and 5W-40 such oil is more applicable, Most of China's climate and the use of most vehicles.

And for the opening of more than 10 years, mileage of more than 200,000 or even 300,000 km of the old car, you can consider the use of 15W-40, 15W-50 such high viscosity oil, the benefits of this oil is better sealing , Easier to maintain oil pressure, reduce oil consumption, and most of these oil are mineral oil. If the old car in the use of low viscosity oil, may lead to oil pressure is not enough, and thus can not meet the engine lubrication needs, exacerbate wear and tear, harmful and unfavorable. Therefore, from the purchase recommended, the choice of oil is not the more expensive the better, the whole synthetic oil is not "Wanjin oil", but to pay attention to the principle of application, which is the so-called "appropriate, is the best, after all, everyone's economy Strength and car concept are not the same, that is good, expensive, and sometimes is an unnecessary waste of course, for the base oil, is certainly better than the synthesis of minerals

This time the public test is from Ma Chi Po synthetic oil

Product packaging is very tall, willing to cost, there are air bag wrapped, anti-collision will not spread

Also sent the engine cleaning agent, consider the very thoughtful

250ML engine cleaning agent is also produced in Germany, with the brand's products

Very scientific capping design, open the lid inside after pulling bad plastic, but the taste can be really big, did not open to smell the deep taste.

After the black lid opened, there is also a white pull ring, pull up the ring to mention a section of about 5,6 cm long hose, very thoughtful, because this time when filling the oil does not need funnel, and to know the outside Auto repair shop funnel dirty, not every day cleaning, so the oil itself is also very user-friendly design.



But we can promise that we will not cut prices will cut corners, the lowest reason for our low price is: First, the amount of procurement, production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers Small batch purchase, full of Sheng production of raw materials can not only better off the quality, but also can reduce costs.

product quality

product quality

Has a full import large-scale production equipment, because the full Sheng has a rigorous and innovative sense of the design team, at the same time, in the production process, to the scientific production management, and advanced production technology, from design, proofing, production The process can be strictly managed from the raw material control, production and processing technology can do the best control.

After-sales guarantee

After-sales guarantee

To ensure that the gas bag more than a year without leakage, commitment to product non-performing rate of less than one thousandth of a thousand, the production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers of small quantities of procurement, full of Sheng production of raw materials quality checks can be strict control. Second, the production process. In order to ensure the quality of air bag packaging products.


Foil bag! How much do you know?

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