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8 pillar 24 high iron bag | air bag manufacturer custom

【Product Name】: 8 column 24 high iron bag
【Material】: PE + PA (100% of the original film, in line with European and American import and export standards, environmental protection materials)
[Import co-extruded film]: nylon content of 25%, super toughness, direct food packaging.
[Import lock valve]: Sealed super, inflatable effort 50%.
【Specification】: inflatable 34 * 25 (need their own inflatable)

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    Full of fresh Qiqi column packaging allows you to send the packaging of the revolutionary upgrade, so you can be more peace of mind in the process of Taobao! Full of fresh gas column packaging so that shopkeepers can provide customers with better service, away from the product is always damaged because of the situation was complained, to allow customers to receive the goods, and then find no reason, no way to pick Shop shop seller's reason.
    Gas column bag is currently on the market the most environmentally friendly and most reliable anti-seismic products, the company's production of gas column bags are the best quality domestic POF material 7 layer co-extruded film made of non-toxic and tasteless, the material widely used In the ham, cold meat and other food packaging. Buy gas pillar is to buy security and rest assured that the current delivery of things is not news, do not fall things crazy is not crazy sorting news. May our products be able to ensure that your mother's milk powder safe and sound, so that the baby who eat assured that there is no burst of contaminated milk powder, and we hope that our products will not let you face the broken red wine bottle sigh. But also hope that we can escort for your business, eliminating the pain and experience of courier negotiations.

    Why do I need to use a gas bag? See figure:

    Online shopping, although the Heat, but the logistics package is always keep up, even if a good product after the logistics process has also been a certain damage or damage, resulting in returns, complaints appear, the credibility of the business, visibility has a certain impact The
    With the economic development, especially e-commerce more and more developed. The role of shock packaging is also more and more important, the use of cushioning inflatable column packaging bags not only has excellent shock protection, in storage, transportation can also play a very good role in reducing costs, from another point of view can be used, Inflatable column packaging is an important cost of packaging materials, not only to re-packaging transport, packaging and storage aspects for enterprises to bring a leap in low-cost expenditure, especially in the first-tier cities under the soil is the trend of gold.
    Cushioning inflatable column packaging is transparent, used to package items, both can be a good protection products, but also help to successfully understand the package inside the package of products, you can do both, at the same time, inflatable column bags of environmentally friendly materials, is now a lot Import and export enterprises and enterprises in the pursuit of the mainstream of environmental protection packaging.

    Gas bag with high quality PE + PA composite co-extruded film production, durable, high air tightness, can lock the air for more than 6 months without leakage, the product protection performance is more secure, at the same time, full production Of the raw materials used in the column for the certification of environmental protection of the original ecological film, does not contain any heavy metals, combustion non-toxic, in line with import and export standards.
    For the product safety design and production of new cushioning material, to the best product safety, the use of air full package protection, so that the outside world came the pressure, vibration, collision and other factors are isolated from the buffer packaging. Let the product transport all the way safe arrival.
    We have provided three design options according to the needs of market products:
    First, the bag design, printable colors, trademarks. Suitable for small items buffer packaging, such as mobile phones, notebooks, cameras and other small items packaging.
    Second, the two sets of design, this gas bag design package is simple, can improve product packaging efficiency, suitable for relatively large product buffer, such as LCD TV, refrigerator, water dispenser and other products.
    Third, the material design, which is suitable for carton filling or replace the other fillers. This way can play a fixed product in the carton of the prohibition of the volume will be filled in the gap, so that the goods still, so as to effectively improve the product transport safety factor. Suitable for all areas of the product buffer security.

    1, low cost, can save transportation costs and storage costs;
    2, recyclable, environmentally friendly materials can be recycled;
    3, simple operation, improve packaging efficiency, save labor costs;
    4, efficient protection, a single column can withstand more than 120KG pressure without any damage;
    5, a wide range of product applications, to targeted customized products;

    1, in order to change the load, we choose the manufacturers are strict production of raw materials, nylon content of more than 25%, bearing up to 120KG above, more than double the capacity of other brands, and in line with EU environmental standards, International Express.
    2, in order to transport safety, we independently developed a valve, can achieve a hundred days of leakage is almost zero, six months, the leak rate of not more than 5%.
    3, in order to seal, the product quality is better, we use the production machinery for all imported original production equipment, high precision, product stability. From raw materials into the plant - production control - finished product output, each link can be strict checks, finished performance naturally like.

    Big brand of raw materials, self-valve, super-closed technology, high bearing capacity, everything for your baby safety considerations
    12 years factory direct supply, give you one-stop price

    Write down your requirements, and we will check with you as soon as possible!

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But we can promise that we will not cut prices will cut corners, the lowest reason for our low price is: First, the amount of procurement, production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers Small batch purchase, full of Sheng production of raw materials can not only better off the quality, but also can reduce costs.

product quality

product quality

Has a full import large-scale production equipment, because the full Sheng has a rigorous and innovative sense of the design team, at the same time, in the production process, to the scientific production management, and advanced production technology, from design, proofing, production The process can be strictly managed from the raw material control, production and processing technology can do the best control.

After-sales guarantee

After-sales guarantee

To ensure that the gas bag more than a year without leakage, commitment to product non-performing rate of less than one thousandth of a thousand, the production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers of small quantities of procurement, full of Sheng production of raw materials quality checks can be strict control. Second, the production process. In order to ensure the quality of air bag packaging products.


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