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Milk powder inflatable gas column bag

Product parameters:
Product Name: 11 column milk powder column
After filling the gas specifications: diameter 14x high 21cm.
Applicable within 14cm diameter,
21cm height of the following products
Large: 11 columns
Weight: about 30 grams / month

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    First, the product has the following characteristics

    (1), product characteristics;

    1. Coextrusion film consists of seven food grade materials, environmental protection, 100% renewable
    2. The use of foreign advanced technology, reverse leakage, the use of air as a protective barrier
    3. Airbag arrangement of personal protection, buffer performance is better than EPE / EPS
    4. Seismic, anti-drop, anti-wear, anti-extrusion and other outstanding protection
    5. Excellent support, a single gas bag can withstand 60 ~ 120kg of the weight
    6. Excellent product image, improve product quality
    7. Packing operation is simple

    (2), the main advantages of gas bags:

    Volume: not fully inflated before the station, with very few places.
    Warehouse: no space.
    Moisture resistance: moisture, water.
    Buffering: the product is completely covered, excellent buffer.
    Environmental protection: small size, material PA environmentally friendly materials, can be 100% renewable, packaging products exported to each country more countries around the world welcome.
    Image: beautiful appearance, enhance product quality and corporate image.
    Users use: packaging operation is simple, fast delivery, the use of flexible, easy inventory management.
    Film: film fast, low cost.
    Cleanliness: clean, non-toxic

    Second, the performance comparison

    Third, the use of packaging

    1, bag type packaging.Tailored for the product, like a body underwear like personal protection, full coverage, absolutely isolated from the outside world, to maintain quality, moisture, shock

    2, air column type packaging.可以采气柱内包法,对小型物体如:红酒、电子产品等当成填充物,置入气柱内再充气,形成子弹排包装法。气柱袋的支撑性绝佳,单一个气体包装袋就可承受100kg的压力而不破裂。使用气柱缓冲片,在搬运,装卸,运输过程中起到有效的减缓震动,吸收和释放外力对产品的冲击力道!保证物品不受损!

    3, packing roll.可根据物品的类型,大小,特性,为自行包覆使用,自行切割,自行充气卷包,放箱。

    Fourth, use the method

    There is an 18 mm inflatable crossing at 5 mm below the arrow mark. Insert the air pump into the airway and inflate. Before inflating the other end of the inflatable crossing, please use a clip or hold it by hand to prevent the air from running Out of gas can not be excessive, full of gas, your product with gas column gasket around the week, you can protect your product, around the two laps better.

    Write down your requirements, and we will check with you as soon as possible!

    Specific requirement:
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But we can promise that we will not cut prices will cut corners, the lowest reason for our low price is: First, the amount of procurement, production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers Small batch purchase, full of Sheng production of raw materials can not only better off the quality, but also can reduce costs.

product quality

product quality

Has a full import large-scale production equipment, because the full Sheng has a rigorous and innovative sense of the design team, at the same time, in the production process, to the scientific production management, and advanced production technology, from design, proofing, production The process can be strictly managed from the raw material control, production and processing technology can do the best control.

After-sales guarantee

After-sales guarantee

To ensure that the gas bag more than a year without leakage, commitment to product non-performing rate of less than one thousandth of a thousand, the production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers of small quantities of procurement, full of Sheng production of raw materials quality checks can be strict control. Second, the production process. In order to ensure the quality of air bag packaging products.


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