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10 column milk powder airbag packaging

Product Name: milk powder column can be installed high 21CM X diameter 14CM
Material: PE / PA 7 layer co-extruded film (PA content of 15% to 20%)
Net weight: about 15 grams / month
Thickness: 6 wires
Suitable for: about 21cm in diameter 21cm (round)
(Specifically to inflate the size of the main)
Suitable for 900 grams below the height of 21cm in diameter 14cm canned and bottled milk powder, carton milk powder packaging.

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    Gas bags with air as the buffer energy, the use of natural air to protect the product, the most suitable for transport, removal, delivery, etc. in the case of product safety, take now milk powder, electronic products, red wine online shopping is very appropriate.

    气体包装袋使用低密度聚乙烯(LLDPE)及尼龙(BOPA)作为基本材质,既科学又环保,气体包装袋未充气时完全平整,及其方便仓储管理;同时产品具有防潮、防水等耐湿特性,大大降低仓库条件,外形美观,不影响需要包装产品的美观性。Gas packaging bags using low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and nylon (BOPA) as a basic material, both scientific and environmentally friendly, gas bags are not fully inflated when the formation, and its convenient storage management; at the same time products with moisture, Greatly reduce the warehouse conditions, beautiful appearance, does not affect the need for packaging products aesthetic.
    Gas bags are now used to charge, the use of fast and flexible delivery, small size does not account for inventory, shorten the packaging operation time, improve packaging efficiency. Transparent and sophisticated design, high-tech innovative packaging, effectively enhance the product and corporate image.

    The design, production, with more than 10 years of design packaging solutions, air column bags is now the most perfect transport safety protection packaging, not only for a wide range of areas, the application of the product is also wide demand for a wide range of products, , For the vast majority of enterprises, manufacturers to provide the best solution to solve the high transport of goods transport.
    First-class enterprises, first-class service, super-flow of production capacity, is your best protection of goods experts.
    Milk powder protection bubble bag Product advantages:
    1, the product using the best domestic PE + PA (PA content of more than 20%) co-extruded film made of non-toxic and tasteless, durable, air tightness, the best film, the best quality!
    2, the use of natural air products will support the protection of floating, scattered absorption of external pressure!
    3, can replace the traditional package material, reduce the volume of the carton, reduce transportation costs!
    4, the appearance of transparent, close to the product, green, improve corporate image!
    5, all products are factory direct sales to customers, save transit links, first-class quality, low prices!
    6, widely used in milk powder, cosmetics, toys, lights and other kinds of fear of broken pieces of fragile packaging, and the product perfect fit, effectively prevent the collision between products to protect the product from impact damage!

    Write down your requirements, and we will check with you as soon as possible!

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But we can promise that we will not cut prices will cut corners, the lowest reason for our low price is: First, the amount of procurement, production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers Small batch purchase, full of Sheng production of raw materials can not only better off the quality, but also can reduce costs.

product quality

product quality

Has a full import large-scale production equipment, because the full Sheng has a rigorous and innovative sense of the design team, at the same time, in the production process, to the scientific production management, and advanced production technology, from design, proofing, production The process can be strictly managed from the raw material control, production and processing technology can do the best control.

After-sales guarantee

After-sales guarantee

To ensure that the gas bag more than a year without leakage, commitment to product non-performing rate of less than one thousandth of a thousand, the production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers of small quantities of procurement, full of Sheng production of raw materials quality checks can be strict control. Second, the production process. In order to ensure the quality of air bag packaging products.


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