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Vest plastic bag

Name: PO Vest pocket
Specifications: 8cm * 12cm (width and length can be customized)
Thickness: Double-sided 6-wire single-sided 3-wire (can be customized)
Style: vest bag, improve product quality can be reused green and practical.
Printing: can be customized LOGO and logo (based on customer needs to customize)
Description: jewelry boutique gift accessories and other items storage category moisture, product packaging and sales.

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    Our factory specializes in customizing large PO bags and PO vest plastic bags, mainly focusing on the production, and customizing all kinds of PO vest bags according to customers' needs.

    Product name: PO vest bag

    Specification: 8cm * 12cm (wide and long customizable)

    Thickness: double side 6 wire single side 3 silk (customizable)

    Style: vest bag, improve product class can reuse environmental protection utility.

    Print: customizable LOGO and design (customized according to customer requirements)

    Description: accessories and accessories, accessories and other items to receive classified information, product packaging and sales.

    Unique advantages of our PO vest bag:
    1. Independent production, price advantage. All products of our company are produced independently, and we have a good cost control system to make the lowest price.
    2. The intersection coordination, for your consideration. Different orders for customers, cooperate with the production of different products, can produce according to customer orders, from small to several hundred, large to millions of, specifications small to one centimeter, big to five or six meters, or even machine production of special specifications for you.
    3. Quick response, aging advantage. Order in the morning, the fastest delivery in the afternoon, can solve the customer's urgent need.
    4. Every colleague of the company is adhering to the "sincerity for this, professional service, customer consideration, mutual benefit and win", the pre-sales and after-sales service for each customer.
    Gift bags, general packaging, clothing bags, food bags, garbage bags, shopping bags

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But we can promise that we will not cut prices will cut corners, the lowest reason for our low price is: First, the amount of procurement, production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers Small batch purchase, full of Sheng production of raw materials can not only better off the quality, but also can reduce costs.

product quality

product quality

Has a full import large-scale production equipment, because the full Sheng has a rigorous and innovative sense of the design team, at the same time, in the production process, to the scientific production management, and advanced production technology, from design, proofing, production The process can be strictly managed from the raw material control, production and processing technology can do the best control.

After-sales guarantee

After-sales guarantee

To ensure that the gas bag more than a year without leakage, commitment to product non-performing rate of less than one thousandth of a thousand, the production of raw materials, large quantities of the entire cabinet procurement, and other manufacturers of small quantities of procurement, full of Sheng production of raw materials quality checks can be strict control. Second, the production process. In order to ensure the quality of air bag packaging products.


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