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Corner gas column bag, large item transport help
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With the continuous development of the gas column industry, the gas column bag has been widely used and is popular with more and more people. Many people who have heard of the cushion gas column bags, also known that it is often used in electronic products, ceramic products, precision instruments, etc. However, in fact, the application of gas column bags are very wide, almost all industries that need to buffer packaging can be used, as shown in the figure above.

The corner gas column bag is more suitable for packaging buffering of items with corners or right angles, such as picture frames, and small furniture. These products are generally more precious or afraid to scratch painting, while the corner gas column bag is a gas column bag in four corners of these items, and its role is to reduce the minimum area of the product when moving these items. Contact of items to reduce the degree of wear of goods.

Due to the characteristics of the corner gas column bag, more and more need to move, or transport some of the more valuable goods, the customer starts to choose the corner gas column to escort their goods.

In fact, the places where the air column bag can be used, because the gas-column bag can customize different solutions according to different commodities, only you can't think of you can't think of it in the field of packaging buffers.