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Bag filled air bag Bag filled air bag Bag filled air bag Bag filled air bag

Bag filled air bag

Size: customizable

Weight: according to size

Thick film thickness: 60UM-100UM

Material: PE / PA (PE, Nylon)

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Filling the air bag: Size can be customized at will, convenient, easy to use in luggage, handbags, electronic products, circuit boards, books, drugs, cosmetics space fills and protection, can also use fillers in online shopping cartons wrapped, prevent goods In the transportation process, the object is damaged due to shaking, shaking, friction, etc. during the void.

Filling the air bag keeps the bag handbags appearance, no deformation, low cost, environmental protection, clean, can be inflated anytime, anywhere, can help you save a lot of shipping space and weight. At the same time, according to a large number of tests, the filled air bag can withstand 60 kg weight.

Try to do quality products with your heart, integrity with quality first-class brands. This is our company-Shenzhen Dingli Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. business philosophy, the company has always required the employees to strictly abide by the safety production procedures, strictly control the quality, establish a complete, sustainable quality Management system. The product quality has been continuously improved, and the variety, specifications are continuously updated, and the variety grade has increased. The current products currently sells not only in China, but also exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, North America, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

 Suitable for luggage, handbags, electronic products, board, books, drugs, cosmetics space fills and protection, or filling in online shopping carton wrapped gaps